Vista Tip 24: Pimp the Start Menu using Start++

Vista Tip 24: Pimp the Start Menu using Start++
February 24, 2008 Jens

The somewhat unimpressive input field in the Vista start menu yields great power, but it can be extended even more. A small program called Start++ from Brandon Paddock extends the start menu with powerful, customizable extensions called Startlets.

You can:

  • Perform a web search
  • Look-up something Wikipedia or
  • Play all music matching certain keywords, or by a particular artist
  • Send an e-mail to a specific contact
  • “sudo” – Run a command as an Administrator
  • etc.

Start++ is expandable through Startlets in the form of Commands or Gadgets. Yes, you get it for free, but since it’s CareWare, you might consider a donation.

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  1. Lex Y. Li 16 years ago

    WOW, it is even better than Launchy. Nice integration with Vista!

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