typo3 4.0 migration and more

typo3 4.0 migration and more
May 2, 2006 Jens

It’s done: My website finally runs under typo3 4.0. It was really hard work, but it’s really worth it. The workspace feature is way cool!

I came across some problems with my mutlilanguage pages. I used the “one-tree-fits-all-languages” concept and templavoila. The only way to define a page in multiple languages with the old templavoila version is to create a translation using the old page module und reference the result in the translated page. (At least this is the way with the least pain, I think.)

With typo3 4.0 those copied references will be marked with a warning saying that there are 2 references to the same content object on the current page. (I guess many people saw this warning.)

The creator of typo3 Kasper Skårhøj has published a very interesting document and a video ( describing a better way (the right way) to define a multilanguage site using the new 1.0.1 version of templavoila.

Finally I fixed some bugs and shortened the URLs of blog posts. The old links will still be functional and will we redirected to the new ones.


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