Farewell 2008…

Farewell 2008…
December 31, 2008 Jens

The year 2008 is almost gone (at least in my timezone) and I would like to thank all the great people, who visited this website. Especially those ones giving me so much positive feedback for SonicFileFinder and even more the ones sending presents from my wishlists.

It’s been great to see, that SonicFileFinder picked up some speed in this year. It almost cracked the 10000-Downloads-in-one-year barrier!

I am so much looking forward to 2009, since there are great opportunities at work (Comma-Soft AG) in building new (web) frontends. A new private project is going to start. There is a good chance, that I will attend the Mix 2009 and so much more.

Furthermore, I am hoping for more time to blog about interesting stuff, since besides the SonicFileFinder releases it has been quite silent in 2008.

Anyways, I wish you folks all the best for 2009! Stay save, be delighted, do some sports, enjoy, have a great time with friends and family, live, watch good movies, eat good food … well, you know the rest.

Kind regards


P.S: Let’s also not forget the SPAMers providing me with so many hilarious E-Mail as well as so much annoying stuff. Thank you!


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