blogging language

blogging language
November 13, 2005 Jens

Some people asked me, why I am blogging in english language. Well, here comes the answer:

I plan to blog mainly about development topics. All devs should in my opinion

  • use english operating systems
  • use english development tools
  • read english development books
  • code in english
  • comment their code in english
  • etc.

So, the technical articles will always be in english.

But then, when I write articles about other things, I try to blog in english and german. Since it takes not just a small amount of time to translate every article, there maybe only the english version every now and then. But don’t hesitate to ask me for the german version! I will deliver it in addition.

When you subscribe to my feed you can always choose between two languages:

If you subscribe to the german feed and there is no german translation for a specific article you will automatically receive the english version.

You can also choose the language of the whole website by selecting the appropriate language flag in the upper right corner. If a flag is grayed out, there is no such language version of the current page.

I hope for your understanding.


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