IE7 Add-Ons I cannot live without

IE7 Add-Ons I cannot live without
October 21, 2006 Jens

In the dawning of IE7 there has to be some serious enhancing and tweaking to be done, right?

Inline Search For Internet Explorer

After completely migrating from Firefox to IE7, I immediately missed Firefox’s inline search feature. Why didn’t Microsoft think of that? Luckily there is, a site hosting Add-Ons for Internet Explorer 7. Guess what? There is an Add-On providing Inline Search For Internet Explorer which works like a charm!

Just use Ctrl-F as usual, but instead of the normal IE search popup you get a search box at the bottom left of the browser window. Hitting F4 let’s you navigate through all locations matching the entered search text. Shift+F4 does the same in upward direction.

Bloglines Browser Plug-In

Did I mention that I really love Bloglines? There is an Bloglines Browser Plug-In for subscribing RSS feeds with one click and add them to your Bloglines account.

It integrates into the feed view of IE7: When visiting a website with an news feed attached, the feed button is highlighted and active.


Click on it and you’ll see a preview of the feed content. In addition to the “Subscribe to this feed” link there is now a link “Subscribe to this feed in Bloglines”.


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