First donation for SonicFileFinder

First donation for SonicFileFinder
October 22, 2006 Jens

This is big day in the history of the SonicFileFinder development. I received the first donation from a colleague of mine. šŸ˜€

He handed me three cans of a nice bio-parfait I ate from time to time, but it wasn’t available at my local market anymore. Gerhard found them in a market nearby his home town and here they are:


Thank you Gerhard, I really appreciate this!

If you’d like to make a donation yourself and don’t know what food to buy, you may also pick some non-food stuff from my amazon wishlist

P.S: No, I don’t want to hear any jokes about dog-food(ing) šŸ˜‰

Hello! Iā€™m Jens. A User Experience Specialist and Developer based in Bonn, Germany.


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