camera, lights, action!

camera, lights, action!
October 3, 2005 Jens

Finally! It took very long to take this site online. Some of my friends and colleagues were periodically making jokes about it 😉

After doing my wifes website (Karin) and helping out a friend of mine Sascha Prüter with his webdesign (hmm, the design looks familiar ;), I tried to build my own.

I decided to use typo3 as the base for my site, and I went through many up’s and down’s with this great but complex system.

Many thanks to Ingo Renner for supporting me in integrating his new and very nice blogging-extension timtab! Ingo, I allowed myself to decrease the number of items on your amazon-wishlist…

Furthermore I thank Sascha for allowing me to host mine and my wife’s website on a server of him and some of his friends!

Please note that this website is still in it’s childhood. There are still a few issues with the blogging area, that need to be fixed. My RSS-feed is available, but at the moment it is not possible to subscribe to feeds concerning specific posting categories e.g. for people who just want to read all the technical or all the personal posts. Also the links for jumping to the page for viewing a single blog entry won’t work when using the feed.

Additionally there isn’t really much content, but be sure there is more to come…


  1. Stefan 19 years ago

    nice design and I think the technology behind the frontend is perfect as always
    BUT (yes, I have to say this) some pages seem to be a bit to blank…:-)
    I suppose you have to work on the content in the next few weeks…;-)

  2. Sascha 19 years ago

    looks really slick… of course the best thing of this site is the server it’s running on 😉

    • Author
      Jens 19 years ago

      At first sight, I thought you wrote “looks really sick” 😉
      …and yeah the server rocks 😉

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