Apple Watch + watchOS 2 + Human = Love

Apple Watch + watchOS 2 + Human = Love
July 28, 2015 Jens

tl;dr: Use Apple Watch with watchOS 2 (Beta), install Human and track all of your sporting activities automatically

I am using my Apple Watch for about 11 weeks and one thing bothered me every now an then: My steps are tracked automatically, but any other activities aren’t.

So, when driving my bike to work I have to start the Workout app every time before start and stop it after arriving. Needles to say I forget at least one step on a daily base.

New Features in watchOS 2

This is where watchOS 2 (currently in beta; coming later this year) comes into play. Thanks to the new workout API in watchOS 2, 3rd party apps can add their activities to the workout data. Those activities are then added to your 30min-a-day training circle on the watch.

Now for some Human touch

Human is a workout app that just works. It tracks walks, runs, bicycle rides and other activities automatically. Just install it and let it do its magic in the background.

Human is an all-day activity & calorie tracker that inspires you to move 30 minutes or more, every day.


Activity app showing content generated by the Human app


Human app showing auto recorded activities during the day


Now with letting human track my activities, they are added to my 30min-a-day training circle without ever having to manually start and stop a tracking app.

I really do love this!

Final Thoughts

Of course you can have concerns about your privacy and sharing data with other apps using HealthKit. I am ok with it. At least in this case. The nice people over at Human are giving you access to the raw data they are recording every 7 days.

You decide whether you trust them with your data, or not.

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