MIX11 Recap

MIX11 Recap
April 22, 2011 Jens

For the last three years I had the chance to visit the MIX conference in nutty Las Vegas. Like every year, here comes my recap containing my opinion to the sessions and MIX11 itself as well as some resources for you (and me) to relive MIX11 once again.


For me MIX was always about the MIXture of tech and non-tech cultures. When first visiting MIX09 the crowd was almost 50% developers and 50% designers and so were the sessions. I was totally blown away by so much creativity in one place and that concept of this conference was totally new to me.

MIX11 was something completely quite different. It felt like it had been hijacked by the various product and development teams. Nearly all of the UX sessions were injected into the MIX agenda at the last minute after a wave of feedback and disappointment from the community.

The added “UX Lightning Series” sessions were great, but a total of 2,5h plus only a few other UX/Design session compared to a 12 hour non stop flight from Europe? Well, not really.

Stop whining you say and you are right. MIX11 was nice, the three days hiking upfront were great, but next year I will wait until the final session list is available before booking my trip. I sent my feedback to the MIX team, really hoping they get MIX back where it belongs.

Anyways, I really enjoyed connecting with new people and people I only meet only once a year at MIX.

Session Favorites

Without further ado, here are my favorites for MIX11:

Fonts, Form and Function: A Primer on Digital Typography


Robby Ingebretsen is a Design-Rockstar! ‘nuf said.

UX Lightning Series

3 sessions each consisting of 4 talks of 10min. Crazy? Yes, and totally awesome!

Back to Square One


Nishant’s sessions are interesting, quaint, nutty, informative and many more. Some may find them only strange, but I like his style in many ways.

Designer and Developer: A Case for the Hybrid


Jeff Croft is a Designer who taught himself some coding skills. It’s nice to see a Developer/Designer Hybrid from a Designers perspective.

Other Resources


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