RSSPopper 0.32 – read your blogs in Outlook

RSSPopper 0.32 – read your blogs in Outlook
November 2, 2005 Jens

A new Version of RSSPopper (0.32e) has just been released.

For those of you out there, who still use a standalone aggregator, or even worse use no aggregator at all, RSSPopper could be the tool you were looking for.

It’s really simple to use: Just install it and you get your subscribed news feeds delivered directly into your Outlook inbox. You can specify a base folder, in which a folder for each news feed is created. You can then use all the fancy searching and organizing features, which Outlook supplies.

But wait! There’s even more: The best feature in my opinion is the possibility to add a Bloglines account!

With Bloglines you don’t have to sync your subscribed feeds between different machines. You also don’t miss a single blog post, if you aren’t online for a few days/weeks. Bloglines downloads posts from your subscribed feeds very frequently and stores then on the bloglines server until you download them using RSSPopper.

Saving the best for last: RSSPooper is Freeware. So don’t wait and grab your copy today!

If you simply don’t know what this “news aggregation thing” is all about, you might take a look at the related article in wikipedia.

P.S: No, I don’t get any money for writing this šŸ˜‰ I really like this tool.


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