iPhone: The Magic of the Sleep/Wake Button

iPhone: The Magic of the Sleep/Wake Button
September 30, 2008 Jens

Everybody owning an iPhone has encountered the small Sleep/Wake button button located at the top right. Normally it puts the iPhone to sleep or wakes it up, when it’s light asleep.

But it can do more!

After pressing it for about 3 seconds a “slide to power off” message appears. After confirming it, the iPhone will be shut down completely. To wake it again from its deep slumber, just press the Sleep/Wait button for 1 second and the phone boots up.

I guess you already knew that, right?

Well, it can do even more! (Now comes the good part 😉

When receiving a call in sleep mode (the screen is off), the phone wakes up, shows information about the caller and displays the “slide to answer” message, but there seems to be no way to ignore or kick out the caller. This is where the Sleep/Wait button comes in:

  • Press Sleep/Wait one time to shut off vibration and ringtone
  • Press Sleep/Wait rapidly two times to kick out the caller and send him/her directly to your VoiceMail box

How cool is that?

P.S: @Uwe: Yes, I am working on the 2.0 release of SonicFileFinder 😉


  1. Uwe 16 years ago

    Hehe, thanks for mentioning 🙂

    • Uwe Keim 16 years ago

      “Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers” – “SonicFileFinder, SonicFileFinder, SonicFileFinder, SonicFileFinder”

      Uwe 😉

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