Fixing Categories for Windows Live Writer in Drupal 6.x

Fixing Categories for Windows Live Writer in Drupal 6.x
May 22, 2008 Jens

When using Windows Live Writer for blogging with Drupal you have to consider a few things, when setting up your account as explained here for example.

But even then, you cannot download any categories from Drupal for use in Windows Live Writer. There is a small bug in the blogapi.module (located under /modules/blogapi/ in your Drupal installation).

Inside this file there is a function at the end of it named _blogapi_get_node_types().

function _blogapi_get_node_types() {
$available_types = array_keys(array_filter(variable_get(‘blogapi_node_types’, array(‘blog’ => 1))));
$types = array();
foreach (node_get_types() as $type => $name) {
if (node_access(‘create’, $type) && in_array($type, $available_types)) {
$types[] = $type;

You simply have to delete the red marked parts and everything will work as expected.


  1. Robert MacLean 16 years ago

    Only thing for tags that worked with 6.2!

    • Jens Schaller 16 years ago

      I’m glad this was of use for you.

  2. Uwe Keim 16 years ago

    …ein SFF-Update? 🙂

    • Jens Schaller 16 years ago

      Der Uwe 😀
      …ich bin kräftig dabei, aber habe noch einiges zu tun. Im September auf jeden Fall!

  3. John Lockwood 16 years ago

    It worked nicely.

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