SonicFileFinder 1.9 released

SonicFileFinder 1.9 released
November 30, 2007 Jens

SonicFileFinder is a free add-in for Visual Studio that allows a fast and convenient search for any file within every Project of the loaded Solution by entering the complete filename or just a part of it. The found file(s) can either be edited with a single keystroke or a Windows Explorer / CommandLine prompt can be opened at the file’s location.

What’s new?

Version 1.9 is a feature/bugfix release, where support for searching in folder names has been added and two bugs causing Visual Studio to crash have been fixed.

  • ADDED: Support for searching for folder names in the same way as for file names. Just add a “” before typing the folder name.
  • FIXED: SonicFileFinder doesn’t crash Visual Studio anymore, when opening C++ projects.
  • FIXED: SonicFileFinder doesn’t crash Visual Studio anymore, when debugging websites.

    Download it on the SonicFileFinder website.


    1. Marc T 16 years ago

      I just downloaded 1.9 and installed it on a computer I’ve never used SFF on before, and it’s crashing on me. I get the following dialog when I start VS2005:

      Microsoft Visual Studio
      The Add-in ‘SonicFileFinder’ failed to load or caused an exception.
      Would you like to remove this Add-in?
      If you choose yes, the file it was loaded from, ‘C:\Documents and Settings\marc.THETEMPLINS\Application Data\Microsoft\MSEnvShared\Addins\SonicFileFinderForVS2005.AddIn’, will be renamed.

      Error Message: No such interface supported

      Error number: 80004002
      Yes No

      I’ve been using 1.8.6 on my work computer for a long time with no problems, so I have no idea what’s up. I’m running VS2005 w/SP1. I did install it to my “My Documents” folder instead of Program Files, because I run as non-admin at home, so that may have something to do with the problem.

      Also, on a more minor note, it would be nice if the sort column persisted – I like to sort by relevance, but it always defaults back to sorting by name when I close VS.

      Thanx for keeping this tool updated! It’s really great.

      • Author
        Jens Schaller 16 years ago

        Sorry for replying so late, but I don’t get any more reminders due to some problems regarding my CMS system.

        Regarding your problem: I never had this error and I can’t reproduce it. Is it still there? Please contact me by e-mail so we can iron this out.

    2. Kim Terp 16 years ago

      I have just upgraded to VS2008 and then installed SonicFileFinder. Now, when I press ctrl+shift+Y the dialog pops up. I start typing but after the first letter, the dialog disappears. Furthermore, it seems that I can’t use the ctrl+shift+Y when I have a .aspx or other html page open and active. I have to switch to another class like blah.cs and then use the ctrl+shift+Y to get to the filefinder.


      • Tony Bunce 16 years ago

        I have the same problem as Kim. Right when i finish typing the dialog box closes without ever displaying any results.

        Running VS 2008 Database Edition

        • Author
          Jens Schaller 16 years ago

          Due to problems with my commenting system, I will contact you by e-mail to solve the problems. A new version of SonicFileFinder will be released in the first half half of March.

      • Kim Terp 16 years ago

        Hi Jens.

        Thank you for letting me try your beta of the upcoming version 1.9.1.

        Well, I have some bad news and some good news.

        First the bad news: I have the same problem with this version.

        The good news is, that I tried your 1.9 (not this beta you send to me) version on another computer running VS2008 AND the same project as the one I’m working on, on my own computer (which has the problem). And your FileFinder worked fine. So – it’s on my machine the problem is! The strange thing is, that it is ONLY in one project. SonicFileFinder is working as expected in all other projects I’m working on – on my machine.

        The conclusion is – Sonic FileFinder works well and my computer and installation of VS2008 works like shit… But only in one project…

        But thanks for your help anyway. I will look for the problem here, even though I don’t know where to start. Key mappings are are correct with no conflicts.
        The dialog pops up, but when typing the first letter, an empty result appears. When deleting all letters again, all files are shown in the dialog.
        In an .aspx or .ascx page, I can’t use ctrl+shift+y – it won’t work. (I haven’t testet this on the other computer, but will do later today and send you a note).

        Anyway. I guess I have some setting in VS2008, in this particular project, that actually conflicts with SonicFileFinder. I just don’t know which!


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