SonicFileFinder 1.8.5 released

SonicFileFinder 1.8.5 released
September 13, 2007 Jens

SonicFileFinder is a free add-in for Visual Studio that allows a fast and convenient search for any file within every Project of the loaded Solution by entering the complete filename or just a part of it. The found file(s) can either be edited with a single keystroke or a Windows Explorer / CommandLine prompt can be opened at the file's location.

What's new?

Version 1.8.5 contains some new features/bugfixes, but mainly support for Visual Studio 2008.

  • ADDED: Multiple search terms can now be entered separated by SPACE for performing an AND search.
  • ADDED: Mousewheel support for the result list.
  • ADDED: 'Open' button in the SonicFileFinder dialog for opening the selected files.
  • ADDED: The context menu on the result list now has 'Open', 'Explore' and 'Command Line' entries.
  • CHANGED: The entered search string is no longer reset, when SonicFileFinder is called.
  • FIXED: The 'No' button is now default, when deleting files.
  • FIXED: When calling the context menu by rightclicking on the result list, the file under the mouse cursor gets selected.
  • FIXED: Some minor bugfixes in the search language.

Download it on the SonicFileFinder website.

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  1. Uwe 17 years ago

    Wohooooo! Great! Waiting pays off šŸ˜‰ Thanks.

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